This area is in much need of maintenance and improvements including: roofing, carpeting, new seating, lighting, lobby flooring, and paint.  We will also do a parking lot renovation- which alone will cost $38k.  


This area is in desperate need of maintenance and upgrade.  Most importantly, the area needs a security upgrade so that our children are well protected and an environment where parents feel that their children are secure.  


We want to have their very own designated worship and hang out area with new lighting, equipment, ad furniture. 



We want to construct and design a community space.  We currently have no place for fellowship or a place to build community together.  This space could also be rented out by our surrounding community partners.


Full time, paid Associate Pastor, Children's Pastor, and Youth Pastor.  these staff members will be added to Engage, Establish, Equip and Empower members for the purpose of reaching people and building community.  Staff transition to full-tim positions will commence 6 to 12 months into the commencement of the campaign.  


We are asking that families and individuals begin to pray and seek out a heart of thanksgiving, generosity, and faith.  These are large changes, but we have an enormous God who we believe will pour out resources as He leads us to build. 

Key Verse:

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."    -Mark 11:24


As part of our spiritual journey as a church family, we are going to live this verse out together.  Here's how:

  • 11:24 Prayer Challenge
  • Wristband Challenge
  • YouVersion Bible App reading plan
  • Verses for Further Study

Keep reading to find out more about each of these ways you can get involved.  We're asking everyone to pick at least one of these ways to be engaged in the campaign.  If you want to do more than one, or all of them that's great!  


For the coming weeks, we will stop whatever we are doing and take at least one minute to pray at 11:24 (set an alarm on your phone!).  Throughout the scriptures, there is example after example of how God is ready and willing to move in the lives of His people when they turn toward Him. Let’s turn our hearts and our minds toward him every day and see what He is ready to do! Are you up for the challenge?  Click here for prayer points.  

We will seek God.

       Every day.

              At the same time.



Our Dare to Believe wristbands serve as a visual reminder to our key verse, Mark 11:24, "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."  God is able to do more than we ask or imagine, but sometimes doubt and unbelief keep us from walking in the bold faith God calls us to. We want doubt and unbelief to be cast out of our lives, so each time you find yourself having thoughts of doubt or unbelief, switch wrists as a visual reminder that God is able and willing to answer our prayers.  Repent of that doubt or unbelief and pray that God would increase your faith! 

Be sure to pick up your wristband on Sunday if you didn't get one yet. 



If you'd like to go one step further on our spiritual journey and see what the Bible says about our Generations Campaign, check out the verses below: 

Ephesians 3:12           

1 John 5:14-15        

Matthew 18:19-20      

Psalm 145:4       

Psalm 133                    

Psalm 27:13-14


For those that use the Bible App on your smart phone who would like to join together and study the same reading plan, check out this 9 day plan that will bring understanding and clarity to God's heart behind the Generations campaign: 

Giving it all away… and getting it back again


Click here for a list of declarations from God's word that you can speak over yourself, family and our church  as we all seek God, grow together and Dare to Believe God.