We in GraceKids desire to reach and teach children in such a way that they have the greatest opportunity to become fully developing followers of Christ.

At Grace Point, we use the KidCheck system to check kids in and out of their classes. When you arrive at church, you will be assisted by a volunteer who will help you sign your kids in. To expedite the process, feel free to go ahead and create an account online by clicking HERE

2 Services Update: 

- For the 9AM service, all the kids (except the nursery) will spend time together learning about God at children's church.

- For the 10:45AM service, all the kids (except the nursery) will have praise and worship together, before being dismissed to their age-specific classes.

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GraceKids is also a proud partner of Kids Hope USA.

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  • nursery (birth - 23 months)

    Our nursery provides a safe, loving and nurturing environment for babies. 

    The babies in the nursery will enjoy toys, snacks, playing with other children, and being cared for by our nursery volunteers.

  • 2 - 3 year olds

    In this class, toddlers will experience God’s love through Bible stories, crafts, singing & worship, snacks, and activities.

  • 4 year olds - kindergarten

    Children in this class connect with God in many ways. Joining the children’s church for praise & worship, experiencing activities related to the lesson, crafts, and snacks are just a few ways these kiddos will learn more about who God is and how He works in the world. 

  • 1st - 2nd grades; 3rd - 4th grades

    As children grow up, we understand the need to teach according to their different growing needs. Joining the children’s church for praise & worship, activities related to their ages and the lesson, crafts, and snacks are just a few ways these budding boys and girls will learn more about God. 

  • flyte 56 (5th - 6th grades)

    We understand that kids in this transition age need a special place just for them to help navigate this interesting phase of life. Flyte 56 is our ministry for these transitional aged kids. On Sunday mornings they join the children's church for praise and worship, then are dismissed to a class where they’ll discuss issues relating to their lives and how God’s Word can be applied in every situation.